Monday, July 2, 2012

Hunger Games - Casting for Catching Fire and Mockingjay

The web is abuzz with speculation regarding who will be cast in the next two Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games books, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Obviously they aren't going to go A-list actor with every pick, but it is fun to speculate. Here are some guesses as to some possibilities with who might be cast.

Finnick Odair- The 24 year old, tall blond sea faring victor from District 4, Finnick was a key player in Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Wielding a trident and a master with knots, Finnick ends up becoming a good friend to Katniss.

Too Old: Alexander SkarsgÄrd

Who I pictured when reading: Alexander Gustaffsson, UFC fighter

My Guess: Garrett Hedlund

Beetee- the older, brilliant, technology genius from District 3, the bespectacled Beetee was critical in the rebel cause. Beetee won the Hunger Games by killing some pursuing tributes with an electric net.

Too Old: Christopher Walken

Who I pictured when reading: Steve Buschemi

My guess: Jeff Goldblum

Johanna Mason- the quick to strip down victor from District 8 has a sharp tongue, brown eyes and dark hair in her early 20's.

Who I pictured as reading: Mila Kunis

Rumored: Shontae Saldana and Jena Malone

My guess: Rachel Bilson

President Alma Coin- the ruthless leader of District 13 who wants take control of Panem once it falls is an older woman with gray hair.

Pricey Pick: Meryl Streep

Too Old: Judi Dench

My guess: Glen Close

Boggs- Katniss' personal protector in the Mockingjay, Boggs is a hardened military man who accompanies her into battle. Described as President Coin's right hand man.

Too Old: Stephen Lang, aka the Colonel from Avatar.

Who I pictured when reading: Wade Boggs. For some reason I couldn't stop picturing the mustachioed baseball hitting machine.

My guess: Ving Rhames

Plutarch- The new game master in Catching Fire has some secrets, that is for sure. He eventually becomes a key figure in the rebellion.

Too Busy: John Slattery- Mad Men's Roger Sterling

Who I pictured when reading: Bill Paxton

Confirmed: Phillip Seymour Hoffman- The portly well versed actor has gotten the part.

Wiress- The shell shocked winner from District 3 pairs with Beetee, discovering how the design of 75 games worked.

Confirmed: Amanda Plummer- you would probably know her as crazy "Honey Bunny" from Pulp Fiction.
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